How Much Money Can You Get from Cash Sales in Tennessee and Georgia

How much money you can get from a quick sale depends on how you sell your home.

The good news is that home prices are at an all-time high. Home prices nationwide grew by 17.2% in June 2021 compared to June 2020. The market also saw more than 50% of homes sell for over asking price. This means you’re likely to get a higher fair market value for your home, regardless of how you sell it. 

Braden Kusay, with Property Spot, explained that most professionals can quickly appraise the value of your home based on the square footage, condition, the year built, lot size, and the floor plan.  Your Guaranteed Cash Offer from Property Spot will take into account the current market conditions and what your home in its current state would sell for off market. Take a look at this article about the pros and cons of using a realtor vs selling off market to a cash buyer.

Kusay added that you want to look for a company or real estate agent who is willing to listen and go the extra mile. 

“There are many different reasons why someone might need or want to sell. Foreclosure, death in the family, vacant property, non-paying tenants; the reason why is more important than what the price is. This is why people choose to work with someone like Property Spot, because we listen and cater to their needs.”

  • Stay in the home after closing
  • No need to remove debris or make any repairs
  • Assistance with moving
  • Long closing window to allow sellers to get their affairs in order or finish probate
  • Quick closing, as soon as 2 weeks
  • Leave the difficult tenants to us
  • We honor current leases

These are just some of the reasons sellers choose to work with Property Spot.

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