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The Property Spot is a family owned and operated business in Arizona. Our core values are focused around our mission to Elevate Together. It is our desire to always provide our clients and team members with the opportunity to reach their goals, grow, and find solutions that are beneficial to everyone. We do this by operating within our core values: Loyalty, Integrity, Genuine, Hard Working, Tactical Growth.

No matter the situation, if your home is stuck in probate, or you have a foreclosure looming on the horizon, we can deliver the quality assistance that helps you get back on your feet. We offer fast sales that work outside of the traditional real estate process, allowing you more control of the process and unwavering flexibility along the way. We would love to discuss your options with you, so feel free to contact our talented team today.

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BJ has worked in the Real Estate industry since 2008, and has enjoyed the variety and fast pace change that each year brings. Some might say 2008 was a rough year to get started, but he’ll tell you it was the time of his life! He absolutely enjoys the process and work that goes into building a brand and positive culture.

BJ is a HUGE football and basketball fan. Don’t hold it against him, but his teams are the Denver Broncos, UCLA Bruins and Denver Nuggets. If you couldn’t tell, he’s originally from the great state of Colorado! Don’t worry, he’s adopted all of the Phoenix sports teams even if they’ve failed to give him much to root for.

At the end of the day, the sports teams and even the business take a back seat to what’s most important in his life, his wife Alexis and their 5 kids. Nothing brings BJ more joy than those 6 people, and he feels incredibly blessed.

(480) 577-2939


Braden grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Business Marketing, and has called AZ home since 2016. When he’s not learning all things real estate, he enjoys he enjoys the outdoors! Some activities he partakes in include – volleyball, mountain biking, fishing, camping, and attending as many concerts as possible to name a few! Braden is a licensed REALTOR® in the state of Arizona.

(602) 492-9242


Leslie is a Jersey Shore girl that’s been stranded in the desert since 1998! She’s been married to Ken for 25 years and has two kids. Her son Kyle is 24 and a Minor League Baseball Player and her daughter, Laney, is a Perry High Cheerleader. #PumaNation. Leslie loves to host parties and invite people that don’t know each other yet… she’s a connector!

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Lori is a licensed REALTOR® in the state of Arizona. As the Transaction Manager for Property Spot Lori uses her background in education and technology to provide detail oriented process driven services. Lori’s positive attitude and sense of humor help her overcome any obstacles in her way. Lori enjoys spending time with her husband James and their children and grandchildren. In her free time, Lori enjoys barbecuing with her husband and traveling with her family.

(480) 620-6361

Josh Maurer // DispositionS

Josh is a fun loving, laid back kind of guy. He’s what you might call an “extrovert”, and he loves being around people. Interestingly, he prefers the beach to the mountains (scared of heights). He has a passion for basketball, cooking, golfing, exercise, and general travel. Josh enjoys pasta and tiramisu, especially if there’s a Chargers or Mets game on.

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Mitchell grew up in Utah, where he is majoring in a Professional Sales degree from Weber State University. He recently moved to Arizona with his beautiful wife, and now this is home to them. When he isn’t working, you can find him watching/playing sports, caddying, or playing games with his wife. He is a die hard Utah Jazz (sorry Suns fans) and you will find him watching every game. Mitchell is kind, driven, and passionate about all that he does. He has also been described as the happiest man alive because you will always find Mitchell smiling or laughing. Mitchell is a licensed REALTOR® in Arizona.

(602) 492-9242